Supercharge your cashflow

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Turn approved invoices into capital to grow your business. Free up funds trapped in lengthy payment terms. Never wait months for payment again.

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Supercharge your cashflow with payments 30 times faster

With Quickly’s easy-to-use system, receive early payment and invoicing tools for any business—from professional services to independent contractors.

Payment on your terms

Accept payments today, for invoices due in 30, 60 or even 90 days.

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Increased cash flow

Same-day payments mean you can put your money to work faster, easier, and no more chasing invoices.

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Professional invoicing

Upload your invoices or create professional invoices based on your contracts and projects.

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Easy upload

Upload a photo of your invoices, and request early payment. We’ll do the rest.

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"I reached out to Quickly and became an instant fan. If you are a company looking to help with the cash flow crunch in either the short-term or the long-term, I highly recommend this easy-to-use and effective platform."

A headshot of Nathan Elliot, CEO of FrontRunner Technologies
Nathan Elliott, CEO
FrontRunner Technologies

Get paid 30 times faster

How do you get paid quickly?

We work with your customers to set up an early payment program.

1. Sign up

Accept the invite from your customer and set up an account.

2. Review

View the status of your approved invoices and when they will be paid.

3. Request

Using Quickly, request to be paid early.

4. Paid

Recieve a direct payment within 1-4 hours*

* Payments are made on the same business day but depending on the time of request and bank exchange hours, it may take up to 1 business day

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Leveraging invoicing to fuel growth


Business growth


Invoices paid early


Average days paid early

“Quickly has helped us grow by eliminating the uncertainty of when we can expect to be paid. We’ve increased business by 445%, we can accept more work, faster – and no longer have to keep track of every clients payment cycle.”

Julian Brown
Eversource Electric

Send, track, collect, and manage payments. All in one place.

Quickly helps thousands of companies increase their cashflow and scale their finance process.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
You only pay for the amount of time that the capital is outstanding for, not a day more or less.

The early payment fee ranges between 2.9% - 4.9% when quoted per 30 days. It can be translated into daily fees of between 0.0097 - 0.163% per day. This price is determined by the Credit Worthiness of your customer in the transaction. Quickly also charges a flat $100 deployment fee when initiating an early payment. This will earn you unlimited requests for a 24hr period. 
How do I get paid?
Upon signing up you connect your bank account. Which gives Quickly the ability to deposit funds once early payment has been approved. We do not have authorization to debit this account, only deposit. 
What do I need to provide as part of my application? 
If you’re signing up as a vendor associated with an Early Payment Program, your buyer is already approved! All you need to do is connect your bank account to Quickly and request early payments on approved invoices. 

If your customer is not yet approved, you need to connect your accounting software via our integrations tab. Following that, we may need to take a quick look at your financial statements, so please have them handy. They can be uploaded in the ‘Company Documents’ tab of your Quickly profile. We may also need to know a bit more about the counterparty who will be paying the invoice. We will be reaching out to you in order to confirm a few more details. 
How do I get my invoice approved by my buyer?
It's all done via the platform! If you’re signing up as part of an Early Payment Program, there is already a cadence in which your customer will be approving early payment invoices. It should have been communicated as part of your onboarding process. 

If you’re requesting an advance that is not part of an early payment program. Your vendor receives a request which lets them know they need to approve the invoice. Depending on their intake flow, this may happen daily or weekly. In some cases we will need your help in order to get your buyer to approve the invoice.
Does my customer have to pay Quickly directly?
This option is our preferred happy path, as it doesn’t involve a lot of work on your side. If this is not an option, we will reach out to you in order to follow up about next steps. This will mean we likely have to file a GSA on the asset / amount owed.
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"Quickly gave us an affordable, fast, and flexible option to access working capital. Their team was extremely responsive and the platform did all of the work for us."

Lydia Schiffner, CFO
Trimark Interiors Ltd.

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