June 3, 2024
The Surprising Reasons Why Businesses Love Using Quickly
While our early payment technology is designed to speed up cash flow, there’s a surprising, yet fundamental benefit that our users cherish: Visibility.

At Quickly, we're reshaping the way businesses handle their finances, especially when it comes to transparency and control over payments. While our early payment technology is designed to speed up cash flow, there’s a surprising, yet fundamental benefit that our users cherish: Visibility.

The Challenge of Invisible Invoices

Traditionally, once a supplier or subcontractor submits an invoice, it enters a black hole. There’s an agreed-upon payment term, but what happens between the invoice submission and the actual payment remains a mystery. Suppliers are often left in the dark about whether their invoice has been approved, or even received, and when it might get paid. This lack of visibility forces businesses to invest time in follow-ups and guesswork, trying to decode the payment processes of their clients.

How Quickly Illuminates the Process

With Quickly, this fog is lifted. Users can see exactly where their invoice is at any moment: whether it's been accepted, approved, and when it is scheduled for payment. This transparency isn't just about peace of mind—it’s about empowerment.

Control When You Get Paid

Beyond the visibility, Quickly gives control back to the businesses. Once an invoice is approved, suppliers don’t have to wait for the payment terms to conclude. They can opt for an early payment, taking charge of their cash flow on their terms. This flexibility is transformative, particularly for small businesses and subcontractors, who often operate on thin margins and can’t afford to wait out lengthy payment cycles.

Learning from Other Industries

Visibility is not just transformative in financial operations; it's a key component in industries like supply chain management, healthcare, financial services, retail, and manufacturing. These sectors show how real-time visibility leads to improved risk management, operational efficiency, strategic decision-making, and enhanced supplier and client relationships. By incorporating these practices, Quickly not only speeds up payments but also builds a foundation of trust and accountability that is critical in today's business environment.

The Broader Impact of Visibility

The visibility Quickly provides does more than just speed up payments—it builds trust. When suppliers can see the status of their invoices, they feel more secure in their business relationships. This transparency leads to fewer disputes, smoother operations, and a better understanding of each client’s process, setting a new standard in the industry.

At Quickly, we believe that visibility is just as valuable as the speed of payment. It’s not just about getting paid faster; it’s about knowing when and how, and having the power to decide the timing. That’s why our users aren’t just looking for acceleration—they’re looking for clarity and control. And that’s exactly what we deliver.

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Kyle Friedman

Kyle is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience leading innovative ventures. As co-founder and CEO of Quickly Technologies Inc., he's revolutionizing access to earned revenue for businesses, driving growth and efficiency.