May 16, 2024
How Crystal Creek Homes is Saving Money and Helping Suppliers with Quickly
How Crystal Creek Homes is saving money and helping suppliers with Quickly.

A win-win solution

How Crystal Creek Homes is saving money and helping suppliers with Quickly.

Business challenge

Crystal Creek’s suppliers need faster payments to keep up with their working capital needs. Crystal Creek wanted to find a way to keep their suppliers happy while improving their profitability and maintaining their own cash flow.

How Quickly helped

Quickly created an Early Payment Program for Crystal Creek, allowing them to offer early payments to their suppliers for a small discount. The suppliers get paid when they choose–Crystal Creek pays on their normal terms, and Quickly automates the whole process.

The story of Crystal Creek Homes

Established in 2004 by Justin Bobier, Crystal Creek Homes is an award-winning full-spectrum new home builder in Alberta, Canada.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2024, Crystal Creek Homes has seen significant success and growth by remaining true to its guiding principle of making the process of designing and building beautiful homes seamless and rewarding.

They have over 50 employees and build over 150 homes per year and continue to win awards and the hearts of their customers.

The challenge of payment terms before Quickly

As a growing company in a labor constrained environment, Crystal Creek Homes is constantly looking for ways to deliver better results for their customers and improve their profitability.

A key aspect of this is improving relations with their subcontractors and suppliers by increasing vendor satisfaction and retention. They take a proactive approach by hosting vendor town halls and offsite events to keep their finger on the pulse.

The recurring theme that emerged for Crystal Creek Homes was faster payment terms for these suppliers.

Suppliers struggled with cash flow issues, wanted to be paid faster than current payment terms allowed, and had limited options to access working capital in a timely manner.

Why Crystal Creek Homes chose Quickly

It started with a LinkedIn message from our CEO to Justin and a follow-up video meeting. Justin was acutely aware of the challenge and loved our solution, conceptually, right away. We then met with Crystal Creek Homes’ operations team to understand their vendor relationship management process.

We then met with their CFO and accounting team to understand their invoice intake, approvals, accounting  system entry, and payment processes. We then showed off our platform with a demo. We followed this up with an onboarding plan and they were in!

They saw how they could save money while improving vendor businesses, how intuitive and easy Quickly is to use and how minimal the change to their existing process was.

How Crystal Creek Homes uses Quickly

Crystal Creek Homes started using Quickly in late 2023 to offer early payments to their suppliers in exchange for a small discount. Quickly automated the whole process by integrating with Crystal Creek’s systems.

It was a win-win for both sides. Crystal Creek lowers its costs, which improves its profitability. Meanwhile, their suppliers increase their cash flow Quickly when they choose, without borrowing money. Suppliers use that money to pay bills, buy inventory and grow their businesses.

Through our integration, all early payment transactions are recorded in Crystal Creek’s accounting system with minimal interruption to their accounting team.

The results

Crystal Creek’s Early Payment Program with Quickly has seen impressive results in a short period of time. The ROI was nearly instant, especially because Quickly is free!



Vendor conversion


Early payments


Projected annual discounts


Bills paid early


Vendor signups


Average days saved for suppliers